Vignette Atomic, skis blanc, noir, rouge
Vignette Atomic, skis blanc, noir, rouge
Atomic, skis blanc, noir, rouge
Atomic, skis blanc, noir, rouge



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The Atomic Redster SL XT skis are the perfect skis for experienced skiers. The skis are pretty stiff and react real quick, they ensure ultimate stability on hard slopes. They have friendly characteristics and provide a sensational grip without unwanted edge-catching. Your power is transferred directly to the slope thanks to two titanium layers that increase stiffness in the right places. New this year is the dampening material in the sidewall, this absorps vibrations and decreases the lost of power. These are the top piste performer skis for everyone who loves a sportive ride!

The ski's are delivered including the Atomic X12 TL bindings and mounting. After you have placed your order, you will receive an email with a link for information to help us mount your bindings.

The Atomic Redster SL is a Race Rocker with a slight early rise and a pronounced camber. Thanks to this you can turn real quick on high speed and it delivers sensational grip. The Shockilla material absorbs vibrations which makes it able to control the ski faster and with more precision.

The skis are easy to ski and suitable to ski for woman and men. The skis are delivered with matching bindings, XT 12. If desired, we mount them before shipping. 

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