Vignette Elan, skis noir, vert
Vignette Elan, skis noir, vert
Vignette Elan, skis noir, vert
Elan, skis noir, vert
Elan, skis noir, vert
Elan, skis noir, vert



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SKU: S94ln30a

Playfull ski's, but light in steering and with maximum of edge control. Elan has developed a right and left ski, with the rocker and camber construction. The wood core and Titanium layers give the skis lots of dynamic ski fun for the experienced skiers! 

The ski's are delivered including the Elan ELX 12 Fusion bindings and mounting. After you have made your order, you will receive an email with a link for information to help us mount your bindings.

The Elan Amphibio 14 is an incredibly responsive ski, designed by Porsche Design Studio to be versatile enough to satisfy every performance need. The revolutionary Amphibio® Profile means that the skis are made especially for your left and your right foot.

The Dual Titanium reinforcement brings enhanced edge control while the Force Woodcore and RST sidewall allows for enhanced power transmission, control and torsional stability at every speed and on groomed or any other type of snow. 

Amphibio profile: Camber at the inside, and rocker at the outside of the skis.  Amphibio ensures both, easy turning and edge grip at the same time.

WAVEFLEX™ :WaveFlex™ is characterized by a waved profile, which provides smooth longitudinal flex for easy turning and torsional stability for edge grip at the same time. Never before has a ski design allowed combination of both characteristics together in one ski. 

FUSION: The Fusion System is the world’s first trully integrated ski binding system, paving the way for faster turn initiation, smoother flex and easier turning and enhanced edge-to-edge responsiveness.

Perfect playfull skis for experienced skiers for lots of fun on the slopes! 

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