Vignette Pro Ski-Simulator, simulateur de ski gris, noir, rouge
Vignette Pro Ski-Simulator, simulateur de ski gris, noir, rouge
Pro Ski-Simulator, simulateur de ski gris, noir, rouge
Pro Ski-Simulator, simulateur de ski gris, noir, rouge

Pro Ski-Simulator

simulateur de ski

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With the easy and safe Easyski Simulator, every skier can improve his technique. One can immediately develop and correct the carving turns on the skis for a proper, perfect and parallel technique.

  • Ensures the perfect carving distance in all snow and slope conditions.
  • The edges of the skis react precisely to synchronize the movement of the knee.
  • The inside ski is set forwards into the correct carving position; thereby an optimal turning is achieved.


  • Two short carving skis, length 100cm
  • Two plastic brackets with 25cm spacing
  • Two plastic brackets with 30cm spacing

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Brand Logo

PRO SKI-Simulator is a brand dedicated to revolutionizing ski training. Their range of training equipment, designed by experienced skiers, allows users to accurately mimic ski turns. Whether you are a beginner or an advanced skier looking to perfect your skills, PRO SKI-Simulator has what you need.

This innovative equipment allows users to learn proper movement technique while improving coordination and endurance. With PRO SKI-Simulator, you can position your body correctly and easily maintain balance. As a result, when you are on the slopes, turns will feel like second nature.

The simplicity of these machines means no assistance is needed during training - it's just you and the simulator. Say goodbye to difficulties on the slopes and get ready for seamless skiing experiences. Trust PRO SKI-Simulator for efficient training that will improve your skiing level in no time.

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